Who and what is No Extra Lives?

No Extra Lives is an indie game studio built by gamers, and for gamers. We hate lootboxes and microtransactions as much as you do — and that’s why you’ll never find them in our games. Our goal is to raise the bar by rejecting the Games as a Service model and designing complete, boxed products that our players can really feel like they own. We aim to to put solid gameplay and artistic vision before profits and deadlines. That doesn’t mean we aren’t trying to make money — we are a business, after all, but we respect our players enough to know what a fair price is. We strive to develop games that are just plain fun, without all of the industry nonsense.

You can find our selection of games over on our Games page, or follow us on social media (we don’t update the Blog much). You can also download our free* mobile game, Swimmy Shark, or if you really love us, you can snag a t-shirt from our Cafepress store.

*Really, it’s free. No ads, no in-app purchases, no asterisks.

What does “Lx0” mean?

If you follow us, you’ve probably seen us use the abbreviation “Lx0”. Lx0 represents our “Lives Times Zero” logo design, featuring Palette Swap, the Lx0 mascot (we call him Pal for short). It makes a nice [tag] and it helps keep things under 140 characters.

The Lx0 Team


Founder, CEO, Pirate, Robot?
Founder, CEO, Head of Games Development, Cool Shades Wearer. Does programming.
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Art Guy, Senior Executive of Green Scarf Ownership

Artist, Green Scarf Researcher. Makes the pixels look shiny. Plays Medic. What a cool guy.
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