Hey! Are you some kind of reviewer, commentator, event organizer, or unlicensed merch seller that needs to know how to authentically duplicate our patent-pending seal of authenticity? Here are some rules and guidelines about our branding.

The Lx0 Logo

The Lx0 logo can be displayed with our without the bottom text. The logo is always white on a black background: never the other way around.

Name Dropping

“No Extra Lives” is fine, but it can be kind of wordy if you’re talking about us all the time (which you should be, because we’re awesome). If you have to abbreviate, it’s “Lx0”. The zero is pronounced like the letter ‘O’.

Palette Swap

Our mascot’s name is Palette Swap; we call him ‘Pal’ for short. Sometimes he’s a spaceman. Or an adventure-guy. Or whatever. He tends to appear in games that don’t really have their own established cinematic universe, and he tends to change colors to suit whatever hilariously dangerous situation we throw him into. There’s no one “official” look for Pal.

Space Paltmp_21368-birthday_2016-947729538