BASHCon 32

No Extra Lives is coming to BASHCon 32!

When: Feb 17-19, 2017

Where: University of Toledo Student Union

It’s Lx0 VS BASHCon! Bring some friends (or enemies) for an assortment of unique multiplayer experiences and even challenge the devs at their own game! Plus, we’ll be debuting a super cool BASHCon-exclusive… Super BASHCon 32: The Game!

Come visit us in the arcade, located in the Trimble Lounge.

Exclusive Games!

First and foremost, we’ll be bringing a unique selection of games that we’ve designed exclusively for the con circuit; you won’t be able to play these games anywhere else!

Super BASHCon 32

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Play the game inspired by the con! In Super BASHCon 32: The Game, set out on an epic quest to get to the convention, grab your con badge, play a board game, score some merch from the vendor’s hall, and in true gamer fashion, shoot for the high score! Only at BASHCon 32!

Bomber Pals 3D


You’re sure to have a blast with this spin on an old classic! Go head-to-head with up to three other friends in this explosive first-person arena game!





Claw your way to victory in this gravity-defying head-to-head boss battle! Jump, climb, and kick your way to the top of the tower while dodging a barrage of deadly obstacles. Be the first to completely DUNK ON the epic crab boss menacing your relative perspective of reality and claim the ultimate prize (bragging rights, mostly) in this fast-paced platform brawler.

Laser Pong


How do you make a great game even better? By adding lasers, of course!

Game Demos

While you’re there, check out a selection of demos from lots of other great Lx0 games!

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Support the Devs

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