BASHCon 33


The Lx0 Indie Arcade is coming to BASHCon 33!

WHEN: February 16-18, 2018
WHERE: University of Toledo Student Union in Toledo, OH


  • Be among the first to play the all-new Sequence Break demo before it’s available anywhere else!


Sequence Break is a time-twisting meta-RPG that will challenge your ability to think outside the box (unless the box has pizza 🍕 in it).

  • Bring a friend (or a foe) and go head-to-head in Epic Crab Battle!




Claw your way to victory in this gravity-defying head-to-head boss battle! Jump, climb, and kick your way to the top of the tower while dodging a barrage of deadly obstacles. Be the first to completely DUNK ON the epic crab boss menacing your relative perspective of reality and claim the ultimate prize (bragging rights, mostly) in this fast-paced platform brawler.

  • Take on the BASHCon WORLD BOSS!


Everything’s connected! Work with your fellow congoers in the ultimate co-op game: a real-world BOSS FIGHT! Playing games in the Lx0 Indie Arcade will damage the World Boss and score points for BASHCon! What happens when the boss is defeated? We give away fabulous prizes! Congoers can enter into a drawing to win some slick Lx0 swag — the more bosses defeated, the more prizes*!

*While supplies last. We aren’t made of money (and wouldn’t it be weird if we were? People just made out of green paper?)
  • Earn a sense of Pride & Accomplishment!


Open lootboxes with your friends in the all-new Party Mode! It’s satirical!

  • Super BASHCon: The Game returns!

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Remember last year when we made a whole darn game exclusively for BASHCon? Well, now’s your chance to play it again! Super BASHCon will be returning to BASHCon 33! And better yet: this time around, every point you earn will damage the World Boss! Go for the high score!