Lakeland Gaming Expo


The Lx0 Indie Arcade is coming to Lakeland Gaming Expo!

When: Saturday, April 7, 2018 | 12:00 PM – 10:00PM

Where: Lakeland Community College

For more information, visit their official Facebook event page.


  • Play the all-new Sequence Break demo (now with futuristic low-poly 3D graphics)!


Sequence Break is a time-twisting meta-RPG that will challenge your ability to think outside the box (unless the box has pizza 🍕 in it).

  • Bring a friend (or a foe) and go head-to-head in Epic Crab Battle!




Claw your way to victory in this gravity-defying head-to-head boss battle! Jump, climb, and kick your way to the top of the tower while dodging a barrage of deadly obstacles. Be the first to completely DUNK ON the epic crab boss menacing your relative perspective of reality and claim the ultimate prize (bragging rights, mostly) in this fast-paced platform brawler.

  • Earn a sense of Pride & Accomplishment!


Open lootboxes with your friends in the all-new Party Mode! It’s satirical!

  • And more! Play other great Lx0 games!


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Support the Devs

Like what we do? You can always support us by downloading some of our games like Swimmy Shark and Hyper Armageddon GX or maybe consider buying a t-shirt from our Cafepress store. Your support allows us to continue developing games and contributing to great events like Lakeland Gaming Expo.