Hyper Armageddon GX (Android/iOS) Manual

{Basic Overview}
Hyper Armageddon GX offers four main levels:

When you first start the game, your ship will be crash-landed on a Moon level. In order to travel to other levels, you will need to collect ores in order to repair your ship and build upgrades to unlock more levels.

{Controls & Options}
The basic controls consist of moving left and right using the buttons at the sides of the screen, as well as tapping the center screen to perform certain actions. In a survival level, tapping the screen will cause your character to jump, or to fire a missile when using certain vehicles. At the Ship / Moon Base, tapping will allow you to interact with various objects.

Hyper Armageddon GX allows you to customize your control scheme and camera settings via the Options menu. You can choose to enable or disable Tilt control, as well as select between the Fixed Camera and Relative Camera modes.

  • In Fixed mode, the game gamera will not move.
  • In Relative mode, the camera will rotate to remain fixed on your character.

On Android devices, the Options menu will also allow you to enable the Rumble feature.

{Getting Started}
From the title screen you will be able to access your Ship/Base, replay the Tutorial, access the Options menu, and once you have upgraded your ship, select the type of level you would like to play on. To begin a game, simply tap the center screen. Once you repair your ship, you will be given the option to choose one of several planets (or moons, or comets, or stars) to fly to when starting a game. Simply double-tap a level to begin the game.

{Survival Game}
When you land on a new planet, meteors will begin to fall. When meteors collide with the surface, they break apart revealing rare ores. This ore can be collected and used to build new upgrades; however, if you don’t collect the ore quick enough, it will degrade and become unusable! Other space junk will sometimes fall to the surface as well. Most of these items are dangerous: anvils, hot stoves, and busted TVs are a few of the hazards that can fall from the sky. You’ll want to avoid these obstacles by jumping over them. As time passes, the hail of meteors will become more intense, and surviving the Armageddon will become progressively more difficult. Powerups can help you survive by offering extra Speed or protecting you from damage with a Forcefield. The Magnet powerup will attract ores to your location, and the Drill powerup will allow you to salvage more ore from meteors.

{Moon Base}
After your ship is repaired, you will have the ability to build a Moon Base. The Moon Base contains several useful features that will allow you to track your progress and continue progressing through the game.

The Workshop is where most of your upgrades will be built. You can build ship upgrades to unlock new levels, build fun extras for your base, and upgrade the available Powerups that are found in levels.

[Trophy Room]
The Trophy Room will allow you to view the Trophies and Artifacts you’ve collected. Trophies can be earned by completing various in-game challenges, while Artifacts are super-rare objects that — with some luck — you might encounter on your travels.

[Pal’s Room]
Pal’s Room contains the Captain’s Log, which holds a record of your last 100 voyages. You can also unlock some fun extras, such as a TV and an arcade machine!